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"Since September 2015 I have seen so many wins! I can't even put them in 'big' or 'small' categories because each is so important. Some of my favorite 'wins' include running a mile in under 8 minutes, learning how to squat below parallel which started with squatting to a medicine ball and getting so low that when the ball moves I could possibly fall on my ass but I don't because my legs are just so strong now:), doing a handful of pull-ups with just 1 band and committing myself to 4-5 workouts/wk the past few months.


And the 'biggest' win is actually not about getting skinny like it used to be for me before I joined CFT. It's being fit and showing my kids that their mommy is strong and they can be strong like me. I now know I LOVE who I am becoming."

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CrossFitting While Pregnant


I have gotten the question a lot lately... Are you going to continue to CrossFit while you are pregnant?  HELL YES!


While Brooke is a huge motivator for a lot of us, in this situation she is especially motivating!  I've watched Brooke do CrossFit up until the day she had her babies and have had her to look up to along with other mommas out there who have said they felt it helped them with their pregnancies and deliveries.  I can't even imagine yet, but at this point (in my second trimester) it is the best part of my day and has helped me to feel the best.  I can tell on days I'm not getting to the gym I feel more lethargic and make worse food choices, the same feelings I had when not pregnant.  


While competition was a big motivator for me, now the community is.  You all have no idea what it meant when I was hormonal and sick during that first trimester to have you encouraging me to keep going when you didn't even know I was pregnant and now you all have been even more supportive.  THANK YOU!!  It truly is incredible to be going through this process with all of you there sweating right next to me.  I can't wait to be like all you moms and dads at the gym showing your family how strong you are and how important fitness is in your lives.  It's so cool watching all the kiddos watch their parents cheering them on during the WODs. You all are such an inspiration!