October News and Events

Stay up to date on all of the Saturday community events in October

  • Our Whole30 Competition brought the best out of you! Before you go binge to celebrate, consider reintroduction of various foods.

  • September was our busiest month of 2019 so far, in terms of classes attended! 29 members made it to 15 or more classes! Our total classes attended was 1143! Can you top that in October??

  • $250.00 'night out on the town' gift package raffle will be at the end of the month for those who attend at least 15 workouts in September AND October!

  • The Open begins on October 11th, the Open workout will be the workout of the day every Friday and we will have a kick off party on October 11th (evening)

  • Water bottles have been ordered. Expect them in a couple weeks.

  • T-shirts, tanks and crop tops are available for purchase. $25.00 each! Please write down what you have purchased and your payment option on the sheet on the desk. 

Upcoming Community Events

2019 Halloween WOD

Date: Saturday October 26

Time: 8:30-10AM

"What's this? What's this?
There's burpees all around
What's this?
There's people on the ground
What's this?"

It's time for our annual Halloween WOD! Coach Jigsaw is taking the year off, but don't worry he found a replacement...
Dress up and throw down in your best costume! BYOB and we'll see you for a "fun" morning!

CrossFit Open - End of Year Party

Date: Friday November 8

Time: 5PM-???

Come on out and end the 2020 Open in style! Friday Night Lights will be in full effect, so come finish 20.5 and stick around for the party!

Member Spotlights


I am originally from a small town in Montana.  However I have lived in Denver since 2003 following college in Tacoma, Washington.  My husband is Mike Canning who also comes to the gym.  We have 3 children, Charlie (age 9), Lettie (age 7), and Beckett (age 3.5).  I have been an Emergency Room nurse at Childrens Hospital Colorado for the last 16 years.  I have loved Denver ever since my family vacationed here as kids and new from an early age that I would move here. But now I have the itch to move back to MT, so we will see what the future holds!

What is your athletic background/sports history, if any?

I have loved sports and athletics for as long as I can remember.  I have always been extremely competitive and though I was never the premier athlete, I was the gym rat that would always out hustle and outwork everyone.  I played every sport available to me in high school including basketball, volleyball, golf, swimming and track and field.  I played 2 years of basketball in college and then gave it up so that I could graduate early.  

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Working in the ER, you are around a lot of first responders.  So in 2008, I was working in the ER at Denver Health and people were talking about this website called CrossFit.com.  I didn’t understand a lot of the movements that were on the workouts than, but found I really enjoyed the intensity and quickness of the WODs that were posted.  I did main site for about 5 months until I found out about a husband and wife team that wanted to start a crossfit gym but didn’t have an actual space yet.  I came home from work and told Mike that I had set us up with an intro session with them at a park.  Our first “gym” workout it was snowing and windy at Commons Park.  We had to wear snow pants to stay warm and I was hooked.  That was 11 years ago.  I stayed with that gym until 2017, when I switched to Train.  


What is your favorite CrossFit movement, why?
I love anything with kettlebells, box jumps, push presses/ jerks, pull-ups.  I love the filthy 50 workout.  And I still get excited to look at the workout every night.  


Tell us something interesting about yourself that we would be surprised to know.
I am extremely anal about my cleanliness and organization for our home.  Everything has its place and I always do all the dishes before going to bed at night.  However, I never, ever, ever make my bed and it doesn't bother me.  (It drives Mike crazy!!)


What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Train?

I really enjoy the atmosphere at Train in that we do CrossFit to be able to do everything else we want in life.  I also really appreciate the programming at this gym


What is your favorite movie and why?

I really don’t have a favorite movie and seldom want to commit myself to sitting in one spot that long to finish a movie.  However, Mike and I record the national Nightly News every weeknight and watch it together after we get the kids to bed.

Matt F

I live in Jefferson Park and absolutely love the area.  It’s a small neighborhood feel just outside the city.  Best of both worlds.  I work for HireVue as a Regional Sales Manager, selling video interviewing and assessment software.  Love my job and I work from home and also travel.  I enjoy going to the mountains for hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, and snowboarding.  I just like being active and being outside when I can.  

What is your athletic background/sports history, if any?
I grew up playing Football and running track.  Now I play volleyball a couple nights a week and participate in 3 or 4 run clubs each week.  I really like golfing but it’s definitely something I need to get better at.  I also grew up skiing so the winter months are great here.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
A little over a year.  I was pretty scared to join due to the chicken legs below me but I was convinced and extremely happy I did.  I’ve been challenged everyday since and love the community.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement, why? 
I would say bar muscle ups, because I couldn’t do them before and now I can, but it was a challenge, and I like the challenge.  Next up, ring muscle ups!!

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we would be surprised to know.
I’m an ordained minister and I officiated my best friends wedding.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Train?
The community and the motivation.  The community is amazing and the people at our gym are so welcoming and friendly and want to build friendships.  The motivation is great.  There is no way I would work as hard as I do if I tried to do anything other than CrossFit.  The push is nice!!  Also our coaches are amazing!!!!

What is your favorite movie and why?  
I would say The Shooter.  Mark Wahlberg is a badass!

Around the Box

Welcome Our New Members!

Heather L, Suzanne M, Alec T, Jen P, Ken P, Thomas C, Carly C, Adam M, Dave K, Dave T, Drew W, and Michael P

Don't forget to introduce yourselves! We have a lot of new faces to welcome into the community!

Catie S and Victoria D competed in Mountainside Mayhem at Mountainside CrossFit in Lakewood and took 3rd place in the open division, while representing Go4Graham and fundraising!

Congrats to all of our Competitors!

Bri P, Suzanne M, and Addie K competed in Girls Gone Rx. Great work Ladies!